William Wegman Essay

William Wegman Born 1943 is active lives in New York, Massachusetts. William Wegman is known for Surreal dog genre painting, sculpture. A painter and photographer, William Wegman is among the earliest video artists, and is known for his humorous videos of his Wiemeraner dog.sion of Wegman ’s videotapes, in which his refusal of mastery is most explicit. Neither the 20-minute compilation tape titled—debatably—The Best of Wegman, nor Kim Levin’s catalogue essay on Wegman ’s video are adequate substitutes for the tapes themselves, which often narrate the failure of his attempts to imposeWilliam Wegman Fashion Glogster- Photo collage of Wegman s Wemaraniers. Wegman moves up a level by having his dogs pose for fashion shoots which have been on many fashion magazines. His dogs became more famous for being able …William Wegman is a world-renowned American artist whose paintings,. . ., Essays and an interview explore Wegman ’s approach to his subjects and their life in the studio. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window SKU: 15018 Category: fotografie.
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