Performance Appraisal Thesis Topics

The goal of the thesis is to create a new performance appraisal structure based on design thinking and life design methods and principles and to gain qualitative primary data from testing the concepted structure. The topic of the thesis is contemporary and aligned with future working life trends, as more focus is being placed on employee well. . . Few topics in the industrial and personnel resource management field have been written about as much as that of performance appraisal. For decades now researchers have been striving to develop an appraisal instrument that accurately and …thesis topic : attitude of employees to work performance in an organisation as a result of performance appraisal authors: awosanya olasunkanmi, olusolaawosanya yahoo. com, oyewunmi ademola larrybigg2000 yahoo. com programme: master of science in business administration. course : seminar on research methodology – fe2415 ht08HRM Thesis Topic - Free download as Word Doc . doc, PDF File . pdf, Text File . txt or read online for free.
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