Doubly Fed Induction Generator Thesis

The doubly fed induction generator DFIG is one of the main technologies at variable speed power generation systems. Reliability and efficiency are key factors to realize the maximum energy output of the renewable resources. Detecting generator faults enables the reduction of risk for unexpected outages and thus high economic losses. Stator winding insulation faults …1. 3 Thesis Objective. . ., Doubly - fed induction generators have a number of advantages over other types of generators when used in wind turbines.Therefore, this thesis will provide detailed models of a grid-connected wind turbine system equipped with a doubly - fed induction generator DFIG, which includes the aerodynamic models of the wind turbine, the models of the mechanical transmission system, the DFIG models and the three-phase two-level PWM voltage source converter models.Thesis M. Eng. --Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2004.. . . cost, inefficiency or reliability issues. We propose a novel variation of a doubly - fed induction generator which aims to improve power density and simplify construction. Our design is a doubly - fed, dual-rotor, axial-flux,. . . In this thesis a Brushless Doubly - Fed Reluctance Generator BDFRG is compared with DFIG from a control performance point of view. To compare the performance of the two generators a flexible 7. 5kW test facility has been constructed. Initially, a classical cascade vector controller is applied to both generators. Dhar, Baishakhi, quot Study of Stability Analysis of a Grid-Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator DFIG . . ., 2013. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository. 1398. https: ir. lib. uwo. ca etd 1398 Download DOWNLOADS. Since August 14, 2013. Included in. Controls and Control Theory Commons, Power and Energy Commons.Both fixed-speed squirrel-cage induction generators and variable-speed doubly - fed induction generators are used in wind turbine generation technology. Modeling and simulation of induction machines using vector computing technique in Mat-lab Simulink provides an efficient approach for further research on wind genera-tion system integration and control.Simulation of a doubly - fed induction machine for wind turbine generator fault analysis Domenico Casadei 61, 2. 6 Claudio Rossi 31, 1. 4 G-A Capolino 102, 3. 1 201310. 3 Start-up of the Doubly Fed Induction Machine Based Wind Turbine 512. 10. 3. 1 Encoder Calibration 514. 10. 3. 2 Synchronization with the Grid 518. 10. 3. 3 Sequential Start-up of the DFIM Based Wind Turbine 523. 10. 4 Summary 534. References 535. 11 Stand-Alone DFIM Based Generation Systems 537. 11. 1 Introduction 537
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