Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Individuals Education Essay

I personally think that being deaf is interesting and it takes a strong individual to work harder than other students at school and just in daily activities. With the further development of technology, deaf education and the growing popularity of ASL in hearing communities the communication barrier continue will continue to shrink.In the deaf culture, a short goodbye is considered rube because it is seen as though you do not want to be there or you are not comfortable. Thus, the deaf prolong their goodbyes as a show of respect. In both cases they are being polite in their cultures. At any point, someone in your family or community might become hard of hearing or deaf. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA is a law that ensures that students who are deaf or hard of hearing receive an appropriate education. Included in this law is development of an Individualized Education Program IEP and an Individualized Family Service Plan IFSP. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a law. . . VOLUME156, NO. 4, 2011 AMERICANANNALSOFTHEDEAF 424 INVITED ESSAY Cawthon, S. W. 2011., Education of deaf and hard of hearing students and accountability reform: Issues for the future. American Annals of the Deaf 156 4, 424–430. EDUCATION OF DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING STUDENTS AND ACCOUNTABILITY REFORM: ISSUES FOR THE …History of deaf culture Timeline representing how far the deaf community has come. 384-322 B. C- In ancient greece the deaf are not allowed to have an education because they thought the deaf could not learn due to them not being able to hear. “ Deaf people could not be educated since without hearing, people could not learn. quot -
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