Radio Station Research Essay

Community radio stations are operated, owned and influenced by the communities they serve.. . . International Journal Of Scientific amp Technology Research Volume 9, Issue 01,. . . The present study focuses on the contribution of Simli Radio to the livelihood improvement of the people in the Tolon-Kumbungu and Savelugu-Nanton Districts of the Northern Region of Ghana. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 12 communities for the study. Data were gathered on the use of broadcasting as an educational tool, the promotion of traditional culture, …The programs were overlapping and as a result of that 150 smaller radio stations were abolished by the “Federal Radio Act” in 1927 cf. Goldhammer, 1998, p. 30-33. The still existing stations were all financed by advertising and the airtime used for that grew very fast including all the problems, including lies that were spread through it.This research intends to analyse the radio station ’s audiences and the use and reception of the radio station ’s programmes in their everyday lives. This study is part of the ongoing enquiry into community radio as a medium of ethnic minority media. With reference to community radio as a form of ethnic minority media, Riggins 1992Re-Imagined Radio was begun in 2013 by John F. Barber as a creative research and community performance project to consider radio as a form of storytelling. Re-Imagined Radio draws from Barber s Radio Nouspace project, an experimental online radio station providing curated, on demand, and broadcast listening opportunities for radio drama and art, and Barber s creative …
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