How To Write An Ambiguous Story

In her article, Spivak tells the story of a young girl who attempted to write resistance against India’s much celebrated sati reform in her very body. The girl waited for her periods to begin in order to commit suicide, so she could disprove what she knew would be the conclusion drawn from her hanged body—illicit pregnancy.Some examples of sentences using ambiguous : It is an ambiguous question. The movie’s ending is ambiguous. He liked to keep the story of his life ambiguous. The last part of his letter was deliberately ambiguous. He left a very ambiguous message on the answerphone last night. The document’s ambiguous wording makes it very difficult to follow.Lucienne Martial. Lucienne is a friend of Samba Diallo. She invites Samba over to her parent’s house, where he meets her parents. The family forms part of Samba Diallo’s “ ambiguous adventure ” as they interact and engage in conversation majorly aimed at understanding each other. Lucienne is also a communist.
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